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Every day 700 babies are born with HIV. YOU can help get that number to near zero... just by dancing! All you have to do
is download the song above and upload a video of you MOVING, dancing, on YouTube or Instagram using
#CokeREDMoves as the title or hashtag. For Official Terms, click here.

This year, Coca-Cola has donated $1 million to the Global Fund to help finance HIV/AIDS programs on the ground
in Africa. Now, for each of the first 1000 #CokeREDmoves videos submitted, Coca-Cola will make a further
donation to the Global Fund of $25 per video up to a total of $25,000.

The donation from each of the first 1000 videos is equivalent to more than 60
days of life saving medicine for someone living with HIV.


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Terms and Conditions for video submission

By uploading a video with #CokeREDMoves in the title or with a hashtag you are unconditionally, without any additional written approval, allowing The Coca-Cola Company (“Coca-Cola”) to publish it worldwide on websites and social media platforms managed by Coca-Cola & our partners in this #CokeREDMoves program, including (RED), DanceOn, YouTube & Instagram. You are also allowing Coca-Cola to create “mash-up videos” using your video with other videos submitted. These mash-up videos can be published on all websites and social media platforms mentioned above, including the livestreamed global dance party scheduled on November 30 and December 1, 2013. Once published, it will be available for viewing by any other person visiting the websites and social platforms mentioned above. 

All submitted videos must have the permission of the original videographer (person who took the video).  Where videos include images of other people, you agree that you will only upload them after obtaining the permission of those people appearing in the videos and their parent / guardian if they are under the age of 18. You will be personably liable for any claims made against Coca-Cola by any videographer, third-party or minor who claims they did not give their consent for Coca-Cola to use their image in your video. 

Videos can only be submitted by users 18 and above and cannot include any personal information of a person 17 or younger who appears in the videos. 

Videos cannot contain any third party brand names, trademarks or logos. No other music except the music track provided will be allowed. 

Videos should be appropriate in nature and not, in Coca-Cola’s sole discretion, contain any inappropriate, indecent, obscene, discriminatory or hateful material. 

The Coca-Cola Company reserves the right, for whatever reason, to not use any video which is uploaded or to edit a video where it is deemed appropriate prior to promoting it on the websites and social platforms mentioned above. The Coca-Cola Company may not necessarily contact you before using your video.