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      Stream this Exclusive Mix by Kitsuné’s Freshest Producer, ViLLAGE

      April 29, 2014 7:32 PM

      You may recognize producer, ViLLAGE, from his breakthrough track and EP, Takeover, or his recent Lana Del Rey remix, or simply from his infatuating sounds of pensive bass, footwork, house, and soulful R&B vocal reworks on Soundcloud. The young Romanian producer is teaming up with one of the freshest French electronic music labels, Kitsuné, for the first time to release his track, “The Touch,” which will be liberated to your ears on May 5th.

      On the EP you will find the original mix of “The Touch” alongside four remixes, because one is just not enough. To break it down, Spanish producer, Henry Saiz gets remix number one, alongside ARME who gives the track a tropical twist, Maxthor with an ‘80s feel, and Lemonick to bring up the intensity, completing the EP.

      ViLLAGE has graced THUMP Canada with an exclusive mix decked out with some of the catchiest tracks to get us ready for the release of the EP, which you can pre-order on iTunes today.

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