High Klassified’s Even Higher 4/20 Mix for THUMP


The day is young and people across the continent are celebrating their ability to smoke weed in public by smoking weed in public. I decided to break from the norm and have the only prominent Montreal beat-maker who doesn’t smoke weed, put together an enticing mix for everyone who likes to smoke, toke, or puff before listening to tunes.

High Klassified is a signee of Fool’s Gold Records and his recent EP beautifully embodies the label’s desire to blur the lines between hip-hop and electronic production. If at this point you’re still wondering why I went with the French-Canadian man who avoids the green stuff, let me break down all the reasons to fall in love with him:

1.     He has phenomenal hair.
2.     His press shots by Monsiieur all have babes in them.
3.     The name “High Klassified” is stoner as fuck.
4.     Uhh, have you listened to his SoundCloud?

He’s included a ton of unreleased beats in this mix, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.