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      Darren Keen is a Big, Hairy Shirtless Man and Machine Girl Might Be a Boy

      July 30, 2014 5:30 PM


      We dove deep into the underground to find this joint EP by two virtual unknowns who are putting out some pretty interesting material. From what we can gather, Darren Keen is a hirsute ginger man with an aversion to clothes and Machine Girl is, well, we don't know anything about Machine Girl. What we can tell you is that this EP is full of some weird-ass footwork-influenced glitch tunes that will definitely not get you laid, but might make your ears feel like sex. 

      First, Keen's "Doomy" sounds like an early nineties b-boy session, flipped backwards, sped up, and then performed in the jungles of some sweaty 2nd world tropical nation. 

      Machine Girl's "Galatea" is a frantic, pseudo 8-bit glitch-fest filled to the brim with OCD chicanery. It seems the nerds have come for footwork. And it's awesome. 

      Darren Keen on FB // Soundcloud
      Machine Girl on FB // Soundcloud

      THUMP on that footwork n' glitch baby:
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      This was written by a big, hairy man with a shirt on - @JemayelK

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