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      Listen to "ACII," an Icy New Single from OWSLA duo Alesia Listen to "ACII," an Icy New Single from OWSLA duo Alesia

      Listen to "ACII," an Icy New Single from OWSLA duo Alesia

      May 12, 2014 11:10 PM

      When I asked Nicolas and Lémuel of Parisian duo, Alesia, how they chose the name for their new single "ACII," they told me it comes from the Latin word for "penetrating force." Then they told me that all their song titles are chosen at random. Even using various online translators, I couldn't confirm the translation, so I don't know if they were messing with me, or if this was one of the coolest coincidences ever, but listening through the track's intergalactic zips and pummeling sub bass rhythms, one doesn't feel penetrated so much as engulfed by their retrofuturistic, icy electro vibes.

      You might recognize the name from their work with DJ Snake on trap jam “Bird Machine,” but they refuse to call themselves “techno producers” or any other title that might limit their sound or perception. “We make music, fuck a genre,” they explain. “We think that sticking to one specific type of music is not interesting unless you make it evolve using other cultures, or another point of view.” 

      For the French duo’s fortchcoming second EP for Skrillex’s label, Alesia experiments with the relationship between text and sound. The song titles were chosen randomly, while the album cover is a text-only manifesto on how music and images merge. “The use of text as image may seem unusual to you,” reads the album cover, which is essentially just a block of words. Still, Alesia wants to avoid any unnecessary distractions that could take away from the music, like "colors, typographies or any photographs which can be misleading." They want to "let the music speak for itself.” Their brand is to be anti-brand.

      Instead of spoonfeeding images to the listener, this duo prefers that you think up your own mental pictures to match the music. That, they believe, will evoke more “genuine emotions,” which is the ultimate goal for Alesia—amid all the words, they want the sounds to speak before anything else does.

      The cover art for Alesia's second EP on OWSLA

      Catch Alesia and their new threads on their upcoming Canadian tour starting on Thursday and look forward to their second EP from OWSLA in the not-so-distant future.

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