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      Moody Good's "Musicbx" Serves R&B with a Side of Sub Bass Moody Good's "Musicbx" Serves R&B with a Side of Sub Bass

      Moody Good's "Musicbx" Serves R&B with a Side of Sub Bass

      January 28, 2014 8:30 PM

      Electronic music has had an on-again-off-again history with the vocal arts, and with all of the Disclosure clones cropping up to share their take on juiced-up, dancefloor-friendly R&B, it would appear that the diva is back in the building. Here at THUMP it is our job to cull the wheat from the chaff so you don't have to, and I think we're doing a fairly good job because today's premiere is a standout. The first few bars of "Musicbx"—its tufts of cheery thumb piano and thin, reverb-washed pop vocals—will not prepare you for the thick swaths of sub bass and sharp, angular drums that kick in when this baby drops. Those crackly kick drums will vibrate your third eye through the bottoms of your feet.

      You may know Moody Good by his former moniker, Broken Note—if you're into the glitchier side of heavy bass. Or perhaps you followed him as a member of the dubstep duo 16-Bit, whose propensity for meticulous sound design definitely translates in Moody's recent solo work. His debut album will be upon us come March 2014 via MTA Records, so here's a taster to get you pumped for the full-length, with the sweet Chicago singer Eryn Allen Kane adorning sparse, impeccably engineered rhythms. 

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