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      Rogue Returns to Monstercat with an Electro Stormer

      July 8, 2014 11:52 PM

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      Monstercat has long been the home of electro-fied glitch hop in North America, and "Night After Night," the return of UK's Rogue to the label, is a pristine example of what took Monstercat from a bedroom in Canada to worldwide relevancy.

      Rogue became a name in EDM after his Skrillexian anthem "Exogenesis" topped the Beatport Dubstep charts for a over a month in 2012. He spent the better part of last year holed up in the studio pushing his sound forward, and "Night After Night" is the sparkling product of that process. It's definitely more stylistically complex than his previous work, but hasn't lost any of the energy Rogue's been known to exude.

      It's the kind of tune they would have put in the movie Drive if Ryan Gosling partied more, killed people less, and drove an automatic.

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