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      MIXED BY Joachim Garraud

      May 19, 2014 8:00 PM

      Put your party hats on people—we've got a legend for this MIXED BY. Joachim Garraud, who DJ'd live from the Egyptian pyramids on New Years Eve Y2K, is now coming at you from the almost-as-epic THUMP SoundCloud page. Garraud built his empire as a French house DJ and quickly linked with fellow hometown hero David Guetta. The two co-wrote and co-produced Guetta's album Just a Little More Love, which included "Love Don't Let Me Go," the soundtrack to all your teenage dreams. The two went on to create the Fuck Me I'm Famous label, but these days, Garraud has moved on to a more electro-leaning lifestyle and is now releasing on Ultra Records.  

      Not one to stand behind the boards and pretend to twist nobs, Garraud plays a keytar at his live shows. It's pretty epic. And as if that wasn't enough, he often does it while wearing an alien mask. Turn down for what, amiright?! For this mix, Garraud includes a couple new Ultra releases and starts off with a his very wonderful brand new Beyoncé remix. One superstar welcoming another.

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      Beyoncé - Partition (Joachim Garraud Remix)
      Joachim Garraud Feat. Perry vs Etty Farrell - Everybody 
      Eric Mendosa - Heartbeat 
      Dave Spoon - At Night (Tom Staar Remix) 
      Live City - Slingshot 
      Joachim Garraud - MotherSpaceShip Alarm (HugePumper Remix) 
      Ralpheus – Hump 
      Tujamo - Hey Mister (Tujamo's Club Mix) 
      Garmiani - Nomad 
      Erick Decks, SL Curtiz feat. The Weirdo - Wankers! 
      Harry Romero & SikDuo - Hot Beats (SikDuo Remix) 
      Joachim Garraud - Music Maestro Please 
      JD Davis - Can't Stop Love (Joachim Garraud & Rocking J Remix) 
      Alex Gray & Silvio Carrano - Pleasure From The Beats (Silvio Carrano Bigroom
      Extended Mix) 
      Senne - Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll (Original Mix) 
      Deorro & ZooFunktion - Hype (Garmiani Remix) 

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