SUB.Culture Detroit: Detroit Tech Now


Mainstream media always makes it seem like only bad things come from Detroit: urban decay, crime, bankruptcy, D12. But as any electronic music fan knows, Detroit is also a hotbed of creativity, passion, and promise. From the 1980s—when fellows like Juan Atkins and Derrick May ingested New Wave and Kraftwerk and spit out a template for what we know today as techno—to the present day, with new blood producers like Kyle Hall, Mark Flash, and Monty Luke creating forward-thinking tracks, Detroit continues to be a source of inspiration and power in the worldwide dance arena. In our SUB.Culture: Detroit series, we look at Motor City past, present, and future. 

A star-studded cast—including Mark Flash and Jon Dixon of Underground Resistance, Jeedo (aka Waajeed), and H-Fusion and Aaron Siegel of FIT Records—appears in the third episode of our SUB.Culture Detroit series. In this video, we take to the Submerge building, the Dirt Tech Reck offices, and the streets to find out what's quaking with the most current crop of exciting electronic music producers calling Motor City home. Along the way, we find out what influences give music from Detroit its unique heart and soul. "Pressure can make diamonds or break pipes," explains Waajeed. Many diamonds in here for sure.

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Music in this episode:
Electric Street Orchestra - "Reconstruct"
Jeedo - "Make It Boom"
Jon Dixon - "The Soul is Back" 
Mark Flash - "King of Light" 
Electric Street Orchestra - "Scorpio" 
Tiny Hearts - "Stay Instrumental" 
Omar S & Aaron 'FIT' Siegel - "Tonight feat. L'Renee (Detroit Mix)"