Digital Dreams - Toronto

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So far Thump been a magically electronic thrill ride, but none of it has been particularly Canadian. Until now. Thanks to our friends over at Heineken, we're about to show you clip upon clip of hoser dudes dancing with the wonderful girls who love them. That's because over the past few months, we've been taking the Thump Canada party bus all across the country to shoot some of the biggest, craziest parties Canada has to offer.

First up is Digital Dreams in Toronto, where we got to hang out with the likes of Tiesto, Wolfgang Gartner, Dubfire, Flosstradamus, and the city's own Art Department. We also looked into the history of the EDM scene in Toronto, by chatting with the guys who owned the sadly-missed Industry nightclub, as well as the fine folks who run current hotspots The Hoxton and Footwork.

Coming soon, we chase the summer in Calgary, get sprayed with paint in Vancouver, and hit one of the world's most insane clubs in Montreal, all before hitting all four cities again for Heineken's big Green Room Tour this October. Hope you enjoy it, because we're having a ton of fun.