Video: Blatta & Inesha - "Ghostbuster"


Blatta & Inesha aren't really known for beating around the bush. In fact, the two Italian party monsters are pretty much the opposite of subtle. Their Twitter bio goes: "Karma is fake, god is not real, all girls are whores and your friends suck!" But if you've smirked through their video for "We Don't Know," a blood-splattered spoof of a pool party gone bad, then you already know that the duo's in-your-face brashness is just part of the game.

Speaking of games, Super Mario Bros. seems to be the key source material for their latest video, "Ghostbusters." Against a soundtrack of jackhammer bass and synths that sound like a banshee getting her toenails pulled out, the guys adopt Mario and Luigi-esque avatars, brutally attack their enemies (by jumping on them) and collect beer bottles for bonus points. Blatta & Inesha came up around the same time as The Bloody Beetroots and serve up the same punky electro as their countrymen, but with deeper, darker melodies. Get ready to par-tay, pixelated-style, and if you're not frothing at the mouth by the end of this we need to sit down and talk. 

Blatta & Inesha's debut album Surface Tension arrives on October 21 on Bad Life.