Botnek - "Through The Night" [THUMP Exclusive]


Steve Aoki star students Botnek are back with a new video for “Through The Night,” their first single since last year’s spicy Sriracha & Beer EP. Think of the two dudes, Erick Muise and Gordon Huntley, as Montreal’s version of Crookers (you know, while there were still two of them)—two party maestros who love emotional piano breakdowns, double fisting beers, and helping you have a TOTALLY EPIC time.

Fittingly, the video chronicles one long night out with the boys as they tumble from their studio to the center stage of a club filled with unicorn heads and hot chicks, before ending up at a groupie-packed afterparty with even more hot chicks. Two themes persist throughout their perilous odyssey: getting wasted and awkward dancing. 
On the spectrum of Dim Mak party videos, “Through the Night” is a lot sleeker than, say, the one where Steve Aoki and Afrojack rage through Vegas, but it doesn’t get anywhere close to The Bloody Beetroots’ balls-to-the-wall insanity in “Cornelius.” Still, it's hard to go wrong with the classic "babes doing body shots" concept.
You can download the new single on iTunes here and on Beatport here.