Cajmere and Free Magic - "Do Yo Thang" [Thump Exclusive]

Pretty much every DJ on the planet can share in the universal love for Curtis Jones, the Chicago house legend and beloved oddball who alternates between the aliases Cajmere and Green Velvet. Jones is unafraid to let his freak flag fly and his bizarre, often darkly hilarious releases over the last two decades have only been better off for it. Check out tracks like 1997's "Answering Machine," where messages left by pregnant girlfriends, angry landlords, and unhinged stalkers are bookended by Jones' lamenting, "I don't need this shit!" There's also 1999's "Abduction," where a gnarly tech-house beat is introduced by Jones shakily talking about the time aliens took his anal virginity. 
For his latest album, Too Underground for the Main Stage, Jones handpicked a bunch of mostly obscure collaborators, including Brooklyn's Free Magic—another lovable weirdo whose bio on Resident Advisor was lifted from the sci-fi show Stargate, but with his name subbed in.
Free Magic told me that he and Jones met in LA while riding in a car listening to demos. "I showed him this super rough thing I did—really raw, just a synthesizer and drum machines—and he really liked it," says Free. The result is a joint effort, "Do Ya Thing," an infectious, ghetto house-inspired ditty with snappy vocals reminiscent of Green Velvet's earlier hit, "Shake and Pop." The video's choppy, lo-fi scraps of vintage infomercials (starring a Megan Draper lookalike) are by Ghostdad of the audio/visual collective WIN/WIN.