Catch Some Feelings With This New Video From Pat Lok


Being a VICE electronic music blogger, I am burdened with an inbox full of music video pitches that look a lot like badly edited renditions of my Friday night. You know—gorgeous sweaty raver chicks, champagne showers, dancefloor make-out seshes, celebrity DJ cameos—all that jazz. But lets be real, doesn't that stuff get a little old after a while?

There are few things I appreciate more than finding a music video in my inbox with actual substance—and dare I say, some goddamn freaking purpose. This video from groove-loving homeboy Pat Lok has all the good plus a healthy chunk of genuine artistry, playing out more like a performance piece then your average PR stunt festival softcore. Pat told us the video was inspired "by the theatre superstition that red roses act as protection against bad spirits, negative energy and injury." Forget a Camelback, I'm stocking up on red roses for my next music festival excursion. Thanks Pat!

David has a vivid imagination. -@DLGarber