Video: Joris Voorn - "Ringo"


Today we're happy to premier Dutch tech-house producer Joris Voorn's new video for "Ringo." Crowds have been vibing to this one for a little while now and it finally dropped last week on Rejected's Green imprint, after anonymously sneaking around the Internets for close to a year.

The track is a techy, euphoric one gushing with optimism and wonder—feelings too often lost with childhood. It's full of expanding and contracting grooves, steadily building arpeggiated melodies, and windy atmospherics. This is all captured through the new video treatment, which finds the recent DJ Mag coverboy's young son wandering around lush, forested environs and modern urban settings. The toddler's bright red hoodie contrasts against deep, woody greens, rusted factories, and sleek grey architecture in a slow motion that fully absorbs all this texture. Seen through the eyes of youth, the world is a vast, endlessly intriguing place, and the video manages to express this in a warm and comfortable manner.