Space Jesus' "The Weed" is an Ode to Stoner Goth Clichés

Have you ever wondered what the human equivalent of a marijuana plant would look like? God has heard your prayers, and behold: he has sent down his only son Space Jesus—a man with skin the color of bronze, hair like a black sheep’s wool, and the ability to “fuck with the weed” with no compare.  
With his rather subtly titled track “The Weed,” Space Jesus takes a break from hip-hop tracks about "ratchet thongs" (as he is wont to do under his collaborative alias, #$) and his usual psychedelic bass for something a little more off-kilter: stuttering footwork beats overlaid by melancholy chords and vocal samples cut from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s “Ecstasy.” The music video rehashes (no pun intended) all the old stoner clichés, exaggerating them up to their most illogical extreme with the help of a merry band of hipster shamans wearing little else but mesh tops, voodoo totems (#TrueDetectiveSeason2), and Macklemore-worthy fur coats. All of which takes place under a marijuana cloud the size of New Jersey. 
Stoner clichés featured in “The Weed” include: 
  • Shotgunning hits with an attractive female, also known as the Most Effective Way Of Flirting (If You’re Thirteen)
  • Doing tai chi in a lake while playing cat’s cradle (you don’t do this when you’re baked?)
  • Throwing a bag of kush at a group of hostile strangers as a means of diplomatic negotiation.
  • Getting weird with a plate of fried chicken and waffles. 
Forget #healthgoth, we all about #stonergoth now.