Video: Stanton Warriors - "Cut Me Up"


Bristol-based breakbeat duo Stanton Warriors (Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley) got their namesake from a sidewalk manhole cover made by an industrial company called Stanton Ironworks—so it makes sense that their latest video, “Cut Me Up” is full of gritty urban landscapes, grungy skate rats and brutal face-stompings. These guys mean business. And you won’t find the usual glossy-eyed video babes in this three-minute spree. You will find a gang of fierce skater girls terrorizing the men who did them wrong, while removing their shirts in the most intimidating ways possible. Basically, this video is like the Huntington Beach riots mashed up with fight scenes from Bad Girls Club mashed up with outtakes from Orange Is the New Black… set to beefy breakbeat buildups and a chopped-up, stuttering melody. 

Watch it before the track drops worldwide on August 26 on Central Station/Universal Music, with remixes from Cause & Affect, Etc!Etc!, and Linden Jay.