Video: Liar - "Western Digital"


Get out of bed, take a dump, eyeball some porn, check on the hot girl in your basement (whoops, what happened to her?), hit da club, pop some moves, meet some babes. Just another bullshit night in suck city, amirite? According to the artist, Romanian producer Liar, and co-directors Tim Schijf and Michael Creutzburg, this disturbing video is "a slightly fictionalized and artistic-license-laden version of a typical day in the Liar continuum." Ookay. 

At first, everything seems pretty standard—at least, standard for a guy who rocks Satanic mafioso swag IRL. But things get properly creepy right about when the Portishead-esque vocals bust out that line about "the sudden smell of burning flesh." All references to the serial killer lifestyle aside, the coolest thing about this video might just be the "subtitles" scrolling through the bottom. Does Anonymous dream of code poetry? 

Hacker jokes aside, this video presages Spirewards, Liar's first full-length record for L.A. producer Kastle's Symbols label, which has been adding much-needed depth and melodic heft to the bass scene with its post-garage palette. Spirewards is an impressive effort, soldering melancholy, darkness, and an almost baroque religious choral feel to a variety of tempos. Stream the album, and buy it on iTunes or Beatport.

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