Phuture Doom Is Putting A Hex on Brooklyn And We Have Exclusive Footage


The concept is genius: mysterious trio on Skrillex's label combines the punk-gabbercore of Atari Teenage Riot with the black magic mysticism of metal, plus a bass-driven pulse that even the most basic of dubstep bitches can enjoy.

Sure, the anonymity story is cool. Are they really from Detroit? Is it Skrill himself? Frankly, we don't care if it's Miley Cyrus' butthole or the ghost of Brittany Murphy. The fact is the music is fire. A brain-cleansing blast of warlock beats, with enough grit and glitch to separate itself from the shiny, happy EDM people. And since we're based in New York, we're pretty stoked that Phuture Doom is coming our way. The dudes (orcs? pagans?) are playing a special show on November 30th at our favorite Greenpoint metal bar St. Vitus with the equally mysterious H09909 Death Cult and it's motherflogging FREE on top of that all. 

While we brandish our cloaks, have some beers and bao with our favorite bartender George, and work off all that gravy in a techno-pit the likes of which we haven't seen since a Drop Bass Network party in 1995 (Google it). Watch this video to see what you can expect when Phuture Doom puts a hex on your town.

Phuture Doom plays with H09909 
St. Vitus Bar
1120 Manhattan Ave at Clay, Brooklyn, NY