Benoit & Sergio's "Splash" Drenched Us in Awesome

By Jemayel Khawaja


If you didn't get enough pool action over the holiday weekend, Benoit & Sergio are happy to accommodate—this techy jaunt of a tune entitled "Splash" will have you flopping like a fish with its crisp bassline and jazzy, chromatic xylophone. The intrepid duo have outdone themselves with their latest Visionquest release, titled Your Darkness, and "Splash" is the standout cut. That bassline is so funky that you can literally hear Bootsy Collins' fingernails scrape against the strings.

Ben and Serj were kind enough to give us some insight into how the track was constructed. "At first, this track was just the little cut up vocal girl sample with percussion and it was made last summer," they told THUMP. "We didn't know where to go with it, but the catchiness and energy and groove of the cut up vocal kept getting stuck in our heads."

It wasn't until months later that the track took shape, though: "In the fall, we were playing the loop again and got a really high energy bass line that snaked around the kick and clap. Once we had the bass and the vocal/groove, we felt we had really nice little track under way."

They finished it up almost a year later, explaining, "The arrangement came about in a hotel room in Ecuador in February on tour. We just were really clicking on it for two days and got a lot of great details and flourishes and energy into the sequencing. We’re especially happy with the last 1:30 min."

So are we. The EP is out on July 28th, so you can chill on this stream for three whole weeks, bae.

Pre-order 'Your Darkness' here

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