Busy P - Still Busy EP Premiere [THUMP Exclusive]


Busy P is not only the owner of a bitchin' Suicidal Tendencies shirt, he's also the dude that started Ed Banger, masterminded the careers of Daft Punk and Justice, and pretty much put French electro-house as we know it on the map. In his relentless pursuit of the new music, partying, and finding new music to party to, he has a fresh out-the-oven release out on Ed Banger. The track is called "Still Busy" and features vocals from Thunderbird Gerard (what a name, right?) plus some bananas remixes from hard-assed Maelstrom (for you Gesaffelstein fans), classic electro don Dexter, and Xavier de Rosnay (the shorter dude from Justice). Something to bang this summer, and check out the promo video below. Grindin!