Download: Chants - "RU4Real (feat. Ramzi Awn)"

By David Garber


Hit play on "RU4Real" and you will begin your spiral into the rabbit hole of weird, sexy R&B vibes. Eyes will become closed, heads will start nodding and before you know it you will be traversing the neighborhood for a significant other to listen to this song with, and hopefully do some naughty things to. This track, which will be featured on Chants' new album I Feel Like I Feel—out on Seattle's Hush Hush records—marks the second collaboration between the artist and Brooklyn-based vocalist Ramzi Awn. The chemistry between these two cats is tangible and they come together like PB&J on this emotional, late-night creation that fuses electronic and future R&B sounds for a velvety slice of heaven. Be sure to snatch the free download on this one and remember... safety first. 

Chants' album I Feel Like I Feel is out November 19 on Hush Hush records.