Download This Late Night Jesse Rose Remix

By David Garber


LA producer Jesse Rose and his label Made To Play have become synonomous with slinky, nocturnal house music. I'm talking about the stuff that will send your ass dancing straight through until those wee hours of the morning. It's the type of groove that will get lodged in your bones and stick with you for hours—right until that moment when you leave the club and the sun roasts your corneas.

We all know that feeling, and we all love it. This remix right here from Jesse's new imprint Play It Down and remixer Blaine Lake, tells a tale of how one goes about capturing that perfect "feeling." It comes in the form a techno heater that's just begging to be released in a dark and seedy warehouse at 5AM. Turn this one up to full blast, flash some strobes from your iPhone and go catch that feeling you've been waiting for.