Hear Lonely C and Baby Prince's New Collaboration "Fraîche"

By David Garber


Collaborations in electronic music can feel like over-hyped publicity stunts. From the high-profile exchanges between Scandinavian Ken Dolls to the appearance of random washed-up rappers on aggresive electro tracks—the listener is often left wanting more. So it's refreshing when a collaboration comes out of pure creative spontaneity.

If there's one crew with a natural knack for spontanaeity, it's the guys from the Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb family, and today's offering comes courtesy of Lonely C (aka Charlie of Soul Clap) and Baby Prince (aka Gadi of Wolf + Lamb). 

Using the Marcy Hotel as their collaborative hotbed, Lonely C and Baby Prince brewed up the Fraiche EP in August of 2011, when they were couped up waiting for Hurricane Irene to reak havoc on the Big Apple. Though stories of this session have turned to myth it was said to be a weekend full of sweet jams and delinquency. The guys also recruited another talented chap by the name of Greg Paulus (of No Regular Play) to lay down some sultry trumpet croons. Time to get fraîche. 

The Fraiche EP which features "Irene Is A Hoax" on the B-side will be released Feb. 17th on Beatport, via Soul Clap Records.  7 inch is out now on Juno and Phonica