Yuksek Unveils the PartyFine Roster with an Exclusive Mix

By Antoine Carbonnaux


On his last tour, French producer Yuksek found new collaborators on the road. Returning to his studio in Reims, he developed these experiments into full on tracks. Finally, after several months of intensive work, Yuksek is launching his new label, PartyFine. Here, he introduces us to his roster through an exclusive mix for THUMP, and tells us a bit about the new venture. 

Full tracklist on Soundcloud

THUMP: What's up Yuksek? What have you been up to since you finished touring?
I've been working with a lot of people in our new studio in Reims, France. I produced the first Juveniles LP, I had JD Samson, The Magician, Mausi, GetARoom, Le Crayon and many more. I  also produced for Herman Düne, worked with a French singer called Juliette Armanet, and wrote a few remixes for C2C, Griefjoy, Christophe Chassol…. And I finished some new songs that I started on tour in studios here and there!

Tell us about PartyFine. What made you want to start your own label?
I was bored of the "album" work for my own projects. I wanted to be able to release some songs that I wrote recently without having to ask my label's producer if he liked it, waiting for him to ask Universal if they like and which territory they want to work, blah blah blah... I think the music business is getting very complicated and it has to be easy and fast. Big labels go very slow sometimes. And the second reason is that I'm producing and co-writing a lot these days and sometimes I would like to follow the life of another artist's song, from the demo that comes into the studio to the release, and being able to have a vision for it.

Who are the artists on the label so far?
We have my collaborations with other artists like Oh Land (Danish singer living in NY) and Juveniles. The second EP is Peter & The Magician (my side project with Stephen Fasano) and then we are working on tracks from Get A Room, Le Crayon, We Are Knights and other collaborations I made.

Tell me more about Oh Land, you first remixed her song "Son of a Gun", how did you meet her?
She asked me to do a remix through a common friend (Dominique Keagan from Plant) a few years ago and I discovered she was a clever, talented, beautiful, and friendly person! The remix was a great success, so we decided to spend some time in a studio in Paris or NY. It finally happened in a really cool studio in Times Square a year ago during my US tour. We worked on that song for two days, recorded all the vocals, and I finished the song six months after the end of the tour. I think we'll try again as soon as we're in the same town for more than 24 hours.

Yuksek's studio on the top floor of a theater in Reims, France.

You moved your studio several times in the past few years, from a basement two floors underground to your own attic. Where is it now? How do you feel there?
Yes, we shared the studio for long time with Clement (ALB) and we have so much equipment that we need a lot of space! We are crazy collectors of vintages synths, drum machines, effects. And now we have the chance to be in a new place on top of a theater, a really big room with a piano inside. We have enought space to link everything together, real drum kit, big mixers, etc. It's like a dream came true.

What's coming next on PartyFine?
We'll try to release an EP every month, maximum six weeks, and we'll start to do label parties. We have the first ones in London (May 10th), Paris (May 16th) and Cannes (May 18th) for the film festival and then I'll take the boys for a little trip around the world! 

How about a new Yuksek album?
Nothing yet, but it's starting to grow somewhere in my mind...