Phuture Doom - "Han Breaks" [THUMP Premiere]


Skrillex has given birth to a demon child, and its name is Phuture Doom. Half black metal, half dubstep—this is basically what you'd mosh to if you were, like, the raver antichrist.
Because they’ve shrouded themselves in mystery by refusing to release photos of themselves (possibly to provoke intrigue, but also maybe because they’re not thaaaat cute?), no one really knows who Phuture Doom is exactly. What we do know is that Skrillex is releasing their first EP, Nightfall, on his OWSLA label on July 23. Oh, and their Facebook page describes them as “sowed by the occult hand of the dead city” and “devoid of all but the curse.” Yikes!

Their latest track, “Han Breaks,” opens with monks chanting (obviously) before breaking into the kind of industrial romper you’d stomp around to next to pasty goths in the Pyramid Club's foggy basement. So if you’re the type of person whose skin gets tingly when you think about:

1) that leathered-up cyberpunk club in the Matrix,
2) a bouquet of upside-down crosses,
3) anything related to Skinny Puppy...

...you’re going to go totally fucking mental over this.