Populous' Night Safari is an Earthly Sonic Joyride

By Jemayel Khawaja


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Six years after his last release, Populous, AKA Andrea Mangia, is back with an exotic sonic adventure titled Night Safari. It's 11 tracks of worldy, experimental electronic tunes stuffed with field recordings sourced from far and wide. With titles like "Himalaya" and "Brasilia," the tunes are heady, danceable audio sketches the defy any genre-defintiion. In his own words: "This record is an imaginary nighttime safari to discover uncontaminated landscapes, strange creatures, wild animals, and mysterious lights."

We've got the exclusive on "Vu," a track featuring Clap! Clap!. "It's a blend of African chants mixed with samples captured from a famous kraut-rock band," says Mangia. In terms of the safari, "It should represent Africa, but I'm pretty sure someone would say London." 

You can pre-order from Bad Panda: Here
Populous on: Facebook // Soundcloud

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