Premiere: Psychic Mirrors - "Midnight Special"

By Max Pearl


Miami is great. The whole city is coated with this endearing film of sleeze, and it's sticky and slow-moving like the swamp it's built on. Norman Mailer nailed it on the head, describing jungle-level humidity that lingers in the air and enters the lungs "like a hand slipping into a rubber glove.” 

It's also got a great warehouse scene and the people there love to do all kinds of funky shit on the dancefloor. Exhibit A: Psychic Mirrors, a 10-piece ensemble from Miami that makes slow and sexy modern boogie jams. Their live show is headed on tour this week, with analogue synths and drum machines galore complimented by "a horn section, back up vocals, and an array of synths." They're making nine stops, including their West Coast debut, and they've given us the B-side of their new single, a psychedelic cut called "Midnight Special" out on People's Potential Unlimited September 1. Check the tour dates below and catch them live in your 'hood.