Titeknots' "Down the Drain" Will Embrace You With Piano House Bliss

By Michelle Lhooq


We told you this once, and we’ll say it again: piano house is back in a big way. Derrick May’s “Strings of Life” may have kicked it all off way back when, but everyone from Paul Woolford to Disclosure is herding those bouncy piano timbres back to the dancefloor. And the indefatigable reign of tinkling chords and four-to-the-floor beats continues with the latest from Titeknots—the latest signee to the Brighton indie imprint Tru Thoughts. The insatiably hook-driven piano riff is muscled to the forefront, looping over an elegant percussive groove that builds to a melodic climax deserving of your most exuberant jazz hands. Put this unabashedly joyous thumper on and invite all your old piano teachers over for some good times.