Win Breakbot's Custom Solé Bicycle + Download His Exclusive Fixtapes Mix


Wouldn't you like to cruise the city streets pumping a sweet disco-fied mix by Breakbot on your exclusive, one-of-kind, steezy-as-hell bicycle that Breakbot designed just for you? Yes. Yes, you would. 

Well, we teamed up with the rad dudes of Solé—the Venice Beach, California-based company who make some of the sweetest single-speeds around—to make this a reality. Below you can enter to win this one-off Breakbot Solé, designed by the cool cat of Ed Banger himself. Whether you're French or American (or even British, Australian, or Filipino), you can fly the flag high with this smooth red-white-and-blue beauty.

And if you want to download this mix to rock in your Jeep, swimming pool, or personal roller rink, then head to the Solé Facebook, give them a like, and it shall be yours. And while you're there, check out the other Fixtapes in their series (this one is #19), from the likes of Classixx, Touch Sensitive, Treasure Fingers, and more. 

It's gonna be a cool, cool summer... uhhh, winter.