Ying Yang Twins - Make It Jump (D!RTY AUD!O Remix) [THUMP Exclusive]


It's 2013 and Atlanta rap duo Ying Yang Twins have mounted a massive campaign to re-position themselves within hip-hop history as "twerk pioneers." With everyone from Juicy J to Miley Cyrus on Twitter every day being like "Twerk this, twerk that, put your butt in the air, take Molly, blah blah," the Twins would like you to know that without their high-energy strip club anthems, twerking as we know it today would not exist. 

In a recent interview with the Village Voice, they retelll their own history of twerking and its various other stripper-dance offshoots: "Twerking was actually originally started in New Orleans," says Kaine, a.k.a. Eric Jackson. "Bass music came to Atlanta from Florida. What we did is we took the word 'twerk,' which was a New Orleans word... If you were going to 'twerk something,' you were going to bust a move... [and we took] the word to the forefront."

Ying Yang Twins have been recently hipped to the fact that ravers love twerking just as much as strippers, so today they release a series of banging heavy bass remixes to accompany their recent Ass In Session mixtape. They've given us the D!rtyAud!o remix of their single "Make It Jump" to premiere on THUMP and it slaps hard. You can download the whole remix package here and check remixes from folks like Luminox, DMNDZand more.