Mood Hut Mix #10 is A Vibrant Reflection of Vancouver's Underground

Familiar faces include Jack J, LNRDCROY, Aquarian Foundation, Slow Riffs, and House of Doors.

Ziad Ramley

Ziad Ramley

The latest mix from secretive Vancouver imprint Mood Hut is essential weekend listening. A vibrant reflection of all that the Canadian West Coast has to offer, it features stripped down selections from the regions most talented underground dance artists.

Familiar faces include: Jack J, the Mood Hut lead who has attracted considerable renown in recent years; LNRDCRY, a 1080p-affiliated artist who was one of THUMP Canada's top up-and-comers in 2014; Aquarian Foundation, who you may recognize from Going Good Records; and favourites Slow Riffs and House of Doors.

In stark contrast to their previous label mix, Mood Hut Mix #9, Mix #10 is a mellower, more modern affair. It leans loosely towards house, taking on a carefree vibe that those fortunate enough to live in British Columbia (disclosure: I used to live in British Columbia) will find soothing and familiar. You can download it from LibraMix.org.

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