JDH from FIXED Talks About What to Expect at WMC This Year

What's the best-worst decision you can possibly make while down in Miami?

Mar 20 2014, 6:49pm

THUMP is teaming up with Back of House in Miami this year to bring you a string of pool parties during the WMC week. We scored some quick interview with the events' featured artists to scope out the scene ahead of time this year. First up is JDH, resident and mastermind behind FIXED, one of New York's hottest regular parties. If you're in Miami you can RSVP for the parties below, and get more info here.

THUMP: This year at WMC, what song do you want to hear poolside?
JDH: Anything tropical and mellow. It'll be nice to get away from this extended winter.

How about at the club?
Most likely we'll be playing lots of Red Axes or Moscoman.

Favorite song for back at the hotel?
Same as poolside but even more mellow. Afterparty vibes!

Are people who wear fedoras trustworthy?
It's a tough one to pull off.

After your gig, are you more likely to a) disappear into your hotel room b) follow everyone to the after-party or c) head straight for the beach?
After-party at the beach or pool!

Describe Miami in five words.
"Cuban coffees at David's Cafe."

Blue dolphins, red supermans, or green Mitsubishis?
Always dolphins.

Is PLUR a myth? Why or why not?
Good vibes never hurt anyone.

What are some of the items you need to survive a whole week of DJ gigs?
Beer, coffee, and good food.

Best-worst decision you can possibly make while down in Miami?
Stay out all night as much as possible and sleep poolside!

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