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      The Best Videos to Turn Up Your Night The Best Videos to Turn Up Your Night

      The Best Videos to Turn Up Your Night

      April 16, 2014 2:57 AM

      Music videos weren’t necessarily invented with dance music in mind. DJs haven't always been the most camera-ready artists and many of their tracks are wordless instrumentals, which can make for a difficult video concept. Over the years, dance music videos have traversed the spectrum from the abstract and absurd to the cliché party scenes. But when directors get creative they can transform a song into a fully visual experience. Thump and Bud Light Platinum invite you to check out these five clips that will get you ready to turn up your night.

      FATBOY SLIM - “WEAPON OF CHOICE” (Director: Spike Jonze)

      Though it was released over a decade ago, people are still trying to figure it out what exactly is going on in this video. Set to Fatboy Slim's grooving "Weapon Of Choice," we are treated to an unusual tap dance performance by legendary Christopher Walken, including some superhuman moves with an escalator in an empty hotel lobby. Walken’s enigmatic presence combines effortlessly with the spoken-word voice of the track itself, wrapped up by the magic of Spike Jonze’s innovative direction. Watching this will automatically put you in a better mood. Not surprisingly, this video won a handful of MTV VMAs and even a Grammy!

      DUCK SAUCE - “BARBRA STREISAND” (Director: So Me)

      Set in the concrete jungle of New York City, A-Trak and Armand Van Helden of Duck Sauce take take us on a wild cameo joyride where we meet their famous friends and some people on the street (including a Babs impersonator),  all while nodding our heads in unison to the addictive beat and notoriously silly chorus. As concepts go, this one isn’t deep, but it offers a first-hand look into the unique and ridiculous life of a globe-trotting DJ duo. Watch it enough times and all of these famous people might just become your friends.

      KREWELLA - “ALIVE” (Director: Bryan Schlam)

      This is the video that introduced the world to the raw energy and melodic sounds of Krewella and made the group’s sister frontwomen, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, dance music superstars. Set in and around an abandoned building in the desert, we see the trio and some friends hair-whipping, kicking and jumping throughout the raucous anthem that is “Alive.” An original cut of the clip featured more special effects but this version prevailed, thanks to its simplicity and ability to feature Krewella’s palpable personalities while capturing the moment of the EDM generation’s musical fanaticism.

      AVICII - “LEVELS” (Director: Petro)

      With a vocal sample from the unmistakable Etta James soaring throughout, Avicii's breakthrough track "Levels" established EDM as a worldwide force in 2011, selling over a million copies in the US alone. The video brings the song to life through a vocabulary of strangeness - ominous dance breaks, Avicii’s face hidden in several props - but also matches the tone of the song: it’s fun! "Levels" is a track that thrives on its own easy but infectious melody and the video follows  suit. You may think you have heard this song a million times before, but watch this video and you will hear it in a whole new way.

      KYLIE MINOGUE - “CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD” (Director: Dawn Shadforth)

      Australian singer Kylie Minogue is not a DJ or producer but with 11 No. 1 hits on the Billboard Dance/Club chart and a Grammy for Best Dance Recording, she earns a space here. Her 2001 signature track, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head," focuses on a smooth synth line typically found in house music and a chorus (la la la) that anybody can sing. The video captures the production's sensual and seductive simplicity, mostly due in part to some futuristic dance moves and a scantily clad Kylie.

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