Moving To The Beat With Chiara Kickdrum

Melbourne music reflections and a techno retrospective.

Nov 18 2014, 2:48am

There are few more powerful forces in music than the kickdrum. And there are few more powerful figures in Australian techno than Chiara Kickdrum. Moving from Italy ten years ago, Chaira has stayed active as a DJ, producer, composer and sound designer. During the day Chiara crafts sounds for moving pictures, and at night provides music for the mind and feet to follow. Chiara Kickdrum is bringing the beat to YAMATHUMP - our Melbourne Music Week event with Sugar Mountain Festival - this Friday November 21st. Before the gig Chiara shared some reflections on Melbourne music, and a selection of early inspirations.

THUMP: What have been some formative experiences for you, living and playing in Melbourne?
Chiara Kickdrum:
Back in Italy I had studied classical music and jazz, piano and voice. Moving to Melbourne, I became exposed to electronic music and mainly techno. Since then I've never looked back. The first time I went to a club I think was Honky Tonks in 2004. I can't remember who was playing at the time, some locals. That club was amazing. From then on I started going out every weekend to check out internationals as well. It always got to a point in the night when we used to go back to my friend's place and play techno records till early morning. I'd say my friends at the time were my main influence and every weekend was a new lesson in techno history. I started collecting records, going to shops like Central Station in the city. I was buying lots of techno, funk and hiphop.

And from there you made the move to DJing?
I only started djing regularly in 2013. This one year has been an incredible ride. It's good to see techno being such a big part of Melbourne's scene. It's an incredible community of really passionate and talented people.

Aside from the informal techno lessons from friends, you've also been involved in other ongoing studies too?
Yes, another big influence for me has also been the RMIT Sound Art course I did in 2010. That's when I started working with software and synthesis.

What have been some of the other outlets for your music making?
Now I work at Electric Dreams studio creating music for picture. It's a great group of people and loads of fun. I've been working mainly on music for TV commercials. When I am not in the studio I have a few DJ residencies around town and I work on my music production. I'm planning to release an EP before the end of the year and lots more to come in 2015.

As a DJ and producer, what are some tracks that have most inspired during over your career?
Some of the first tracks that were important and influential to me were:
Adamski - NRG
Adam Beyer - Triangle:
Laurent Garner - Acid Eiffel:
Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier:
Inner City - Good Life:

I could keep going..!

See Chiara Kickdrum during Melbourne Music Week at YAMATHUMP, Friday Novemeber 21st, presented by Sugar Mountain & THUMP