Saturday Night Live Trolls EDM, And We Love It

Turn up for bass!

May 19 2014, 1:14am

Andy Samberg and his Saturday Night Live sketch crew, The Lonely Island, are back at it again with the newest addition to their famed "Digital Short" series. This time around the hilarious comedy troupe puts their clever spin on the worldwide EDM craze with an incredibly spot-on parody of a night out partying in a mega club to fictious superstar DJ, Davvincii, who shares more than a few similarities to everyone's favorite golden-haired Swede. Throughout the sketch, rage-obsessed partygoers quite literally lose their minds (and heads) to the long awaited "bass drop," while the DJ galavants behind the decks doing just about everything but DJing, with ridiculous activities ranging from a game of Candy Crush, egg frying, credit-card swiping and even a near episode of fainting, once again pointing a light hearted finger towards Avicii's recent medical issues. The sketch brilliantly pokes fun at the long discussed debate over what big name beat droppers are actually doing behind the CDJs, in addiion to the current state of insanely over paid DJs. Watch this LOL-inducing sketch now while we go and find a new pair of undies.