Watch Japanese Rappers Spit Grime in the Video for Skepta's 'Konnichiwa' Album Launch

The event was filmed by Boiler Room.

May 6 2016, 4:43pm

Grime MC and producer Skepta celebrated the launch of his album Konnichiwa at a party in Tokyo hosted by Boiler Room. The entire shindig was live streamed (either to curb or engender our FOMO), and now the video of the event is up on the Boiler Room YouTube channel.

In bringing his launch to Tokyo, Skepta highlighted the city's thriving Grime scene. Rappers Konh, Loota, and Dutch Montana open the evening, spitting verse in harsh Japanese as shouts of "Japanese Grime!" are shouted out-loud by the evening's Boiler Room host DJ Riki. When Skepta makes his appearance, wearing sunglasses and backed by his London crew, the entrance is nothing short of grand.

Konnichiwa is out now on Boy Better Know records. Vice Japan shot a documentary on Kohn and his squad, where he discusses growing up in the Japanese projects and speaks of his gratitude to their mentor, the Japanese underground hip-hop producer 318.

RBMA published a comic on their daily that adroitly captured the history of Grime in the US, including Diddy asking Skepta for "Grime Lessons."