SHMLSS’s New Track Will Take You on a Trippy "Train Ride to the Middle East"

It’s part of Eskimo Recordings’ new ‘Red Collection’ compilation.

Mar 3 2017, 3:10pm

Photo courtesy of the artists

Belgium's Eskimo Recordings today releases the sixth edition in its color series, The Red Collection, a compilation album spanning 13 tracks from as many artists including Satin Jackets, Blue Motel, NTEIBINT, and more. To mark the occasion, the label has shared one of its tunes, "Train Ride to the Middle East" by SHMLSS.

When the Dutch duo aren't DJing, producing, or running their vinyl-only XXX label, they can usually be found digging the crates in search of hidden gems as curators of the disco playlist for music-discovery platform 22tracks.

On their newest track, however, they've derailed the disco wagon and traveled into trippy house. "Train Ride to the Middle East" begs to be played somewhere between sand-whipped desert dancefloors and outer space. A slow roller at the start, it gradually picks up steam with the help of winding oud riffs until erupting into a driving beat dripping with acid and alienesque bleeps. Listen to it below.

"Was there any plan when making this tune? Not really," the duo tell THUMP over email. "We wanted to make a slower and darker track and it basically turned out that way. Enjoy the ride..."

The Red Collection is out now via Eskimo Recordings.