Fono Comes Through with Some Trippy Grooves on Remix of salute's "Castle"

The Brighton producer has reworked the 19 year-old newcomer's most recent single.

Oct 5 2015, 2:55pm

The responsibilities of being a DJ sometimes aren't too far off from being an A&R. You need an ear to the ground, and a willingness not only to seek out new music, but also the trust to play that new music out in DJ sets. Brighton-based producer Fono has done this to a tee with up and comer salute. At only 19 years old, salute is already making waves with his melancholic, soulful, mid-tempo pop-cuts, and in the process has garnered a ton of attention.

He then met Fono in a club in Brighton, where Felix (salute) had recently moved from Vienna for university, and the two have since become friends — exchanging music and swapping tracks for remixing. salute has got his hands on Fono's "Real Joy" as part of a recent swap, and subsequently Fono has taken it upon himself to remix salute's first single, the bubbling "Castle". Similar to the original, it's a fizzing, trippy, blast of electronic pop. Warped vocals bouncing off golden synths, and blushing percussive builds. Anyway, don't take it from us, listen below.

salute is on Soundcloud/Twitter/Facebook.