Calling All Witches: You Have to Watch This Creepy Trailer for Demdike Stare's Occult Project 'Haxan'

If your idea of a good movie involves grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns and a satanic Sabbath, grab some popcorn.

Michelle Lhooq

Michelle Lhooq

If your idea of a good movie involves grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns and a satanic Sabbath, grab some popcorn: Benjamin Christensen's legendary occult film Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages is coming to a party near you. The Swedish/Danish production from 1922 is actually a silent film, but Demdike Stare (Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty) will be scoring it live during a rare performance in New York on March 26. (The pair have long been obsessed with obscure cinema, and have recently scored films like "Joe" and "Kiss of the Damned.")

Demdike Stare are sharing a fittingly gloomy trailer for their upcoming show below:

Haxan sounds like a pretty dope film, especially considering that it was made like, a million years ago. Littered with the type of Gothic imagery you usually find in occult rituals, transgressive cinema... and your nearest streetwear boutique, the movie traces the connection between mental illness and witches from the Middle Ages. It's sort of like American Horror Story: Coven, but with less random sex.

Also pretty dope: Demdike Stare's live performance of Haxan will go down in a New York City church, as part of a show organized by the beloved New York label The Bunker. Enigmatic techno artist Rrose will open the show with another experimental performance: asolo gong piece called "Never Having Written A Note For Percussion" by the American composer James Tenney. The minimalist composition requires the performer to play one percussive instrument the whole time, going from the quietest to the loudest point, and back again. Rrose has said that she was inspired by the "seemingly endless and unpredictable reverberations" of an abandoned train tunnel in Washington DC, where she first performed and recorded the piece with a 32-inch gong.

Listen to that recording below, and if you're in New York, don't be a knucklehead--get your tickets to Demdike Stare's event here.

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