Prowl Toronto After-Dark in Nailbiter’s New Video

Josh Korody’s new solo project shares ‘Formats’ visual.

Dec 8 2015, 6:55pm

There's no question Josh Korody is one of the busiest individuals in Toronto's indie rock community, playing in bands like Beliefs and WISH, and recording plenty others as a producer at his Candle Recording studio. Last month, he somehow found time to put out an experimental industrial album Formats under the appropriately goth moniker Nailbiter with Toronto-based label Hand Drawn Dracula.

Now we have a new video for one of the record's highlights, the uneasy, droning "Splatter," directed by Adam Leon, follows the artist as he prowls darkened city streets and alleyways as if he's being pursued by a shadowy Zodiac-esque killer.

Catch Nailbiter Dec. 12 at Toronto's The Great Hall as part of the Long Winter festival and you can get 'Formats' digitally or on limited edition cassette.

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