Watch Daft Punk Join the Weeknd for a Light-Filled, Spaceship Performance at the Grammys

The group performed "Starboy" and "I Feel It Coming."

Daft Punk joined the Weeknd for a relatively subdued performance during the 59th Grammy Awards Sunday night.

Many of Daft Punk's aesthetics merged with the Weeknd for their collaborative performance. The Weeknd performed on a futuristic-looking stage set-up shaped like a crashed spaceship on a distant planet. Large, gem stone-like formations covered the entire stage.

The performance began with the duo–clad in all black helmets and black capes–entering the stage and pushing down a diamond-shaped lever. The duo and singer psyched out audiences with the instrumentation of "Starboy," (their number one single), but the performance quickly transitioned to their latest single, "I Feel It Coming."

Halfway through the performance, Daft Punk appeared again on stage to the right of the Weeknd, playing a set-up that looked like the sort of space-ship controllers typically seen in a Star Trek movie. The performance peaked with a spectacular, all-white light show.

Watch the performance below. In 2016, we wrote about "I Feel It Coming," Daft Punk and the Weeknd's accidental masterpiece.