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Fend Off Ectoplasmic Zombies in Exeter's New Video Game

Listen to the premiere of Alixander III's remix of "Scan-Lock" from the new EP.

Max Mertens

Max Mertens

What's better than playing video games? Playing one and then getting free music, of course. That's just what Toronto producer Exeter has done with his new 8-bit shoot 'em up side-scroller "Exeter Vs. The Ectoplasmic Hive," inspired by the closing track from his 2015 self-titled debut EP. Of the song's influences, Evan Doyle says, "I wrote this suite over the course of a few weeks. Nightly, I sat myself down in the studio and for the first time got to work with a horror movie playing on my phone."

Designed by Rare Beef Records co-founder Michael Imperial with MuchFACT support, the player has to collect Wi-Fi power-ups while zapping through hordes who have been infected by a demon-infested hive-mind computer after buying the latest and hottest cellphone. The reward for playing is a download of Exeter's new remix EP, which features contributions from Alixander III (of Azari & III), HolloH, Sergio Levels, ACCENTS, and Waxlimbs.

Play the game here and listen to the Alixander III's house-friendly remix of "Scan-Lock" below.

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