Fend Off Ectoplasmic Zombies in Exeter's New Video Game

Listen to the premiere of Alixander III's remix of "Scan-Lock" from the new EP.

Dec 3 2015, 11:00pm

What's better than playing video games? Playing one and then getting free music, of course. That's just what Toronto producer Exeter has done with his new 8-bit shoot 'em up side-scroller "Exeter Vs. The Ectoplasmic Hive," inspired by the closing track from his 2015 self-titled debut EP. Of the song's influences, Evan Doyle says, "I wrote this suite over the course of a few weeks. Nightly, I sat myself down in the studio and for the first time got to work with a horror movie playing on my phone."

Designed by Rare Beef Records co-founder Michael Imperial with MuchFACT support, the player has to collect Wi-Fi power-ups while zapping through hordes who have been infected by a demon-infested hive-mind computer after buying the latest and hottest cellphone. The reward for playing is a download of Exeter's new remix EP, which features contributions from Alixander III (of Azari & III), HolloH, Sergio Levels, ACCENTS, and Waxlimbs.

Play the game here and listen to the Alixander III's house-friendly remix of "Scan-Lock" below.

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