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Vancouver's Pilot Program is More than a Victory for the City's Right to Party

Cost of living, by-laws, and a lack of public funding—now the arts community is finally getting some love.
Hollie McGowan
Festival Season!

Shambhala 2015 Was a Carnivalesque Gathering of Bass Music’s Best

The infectious high-fives, mandatory group hugs, and all-nighters were all accounted for. Justin Bieber was not.
Hollie McGowan
Festival Season!

Bass Coast Sheds Light on Vancouver's House and Techno with Subversive and Bonz.ai

With more four-on-the-floor than years past, Bass Coast pulls local talent from more than just the bass scene.
Eric Shinn
Festival Season!

Shambhala Music Festival Opens Its Doors to New Sister Club, Cafe, and Lounge

The Bloom Nightclub is the year-round Shambhala you've dreamed of.
Hollie McGowan
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Bass Coast and Victoria’s Subdivision Crew Launch New Label Subdiv Selects

An exclusive preview of new tracks from the festival’s west coast best.
Eric Shinn

Northmix: Michael Red

It's dark, moody, and melancholic—it's a soundtrack to the hills.
Daniel Melfi
Festival Season!

THUMP’s Guide to Raving Safely 2015

The only kind of ‘broken record’ you should listen to: festival safety.
Rachael D’Amore
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​Canadian Stefan Z Trades One Rainy City for Another

Stefan Z has left the record store, only to return with more.
Daniel Melfi

IMPRINTS: Philthtrax

Having conquered footwork, this BC-based imprint is moving on to ghetto tech.
Hollie McGowan
Festival Season!

Shambhala Music Festival's 2015 Lineup Doesn't Skimp on the Bass

It's an all-you-can-dance buffet with helpings of Claude Von Stroke, Bonobo, Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, Skrillex and Kygo.
Hollie McGowan

The Only "Follow" You Should Click Today Is HUMANS

This BC and Montreal indie-electronic duo are chockfull of pop spirit.
Rachael D’Amore
Festival Season!

We Have Your Chance To Win Two Tickets To Bass Coast Festival

We have two of the mere 3000 tickets for this year's festival.
THUMP Canada Staff