Howie Lee is the Sound of China's Cyber Underground

The Beijing producer tackles questions of belonging in an increasingly disorienting world.
Alisa Yamasaki
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Pan Daijing's New Track Pairs the Horrific with the Sublime

Hear "Act of The Empress 皇后之作" from the Chinese producer's forthcoming debut album on PAN.
Alexander Iadarola
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NBA Champion Klay Thompson Goes Hard On the Court and In the Club

The Golden State Warrior was spotted getting down to a Tiësto and Oliver Heldens track in a Chinese nightclub.
Krystal Rodriguez

Meet the Faces of China's Underground EDM Scene

Finding success in a communist-run nation where Facebook and SoundCloud are blocked isn't easy, but these producers aren't taking no for an answer.
Diederik Van Zessen
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Boiler Room Is Going to China for the First Time

They'll present parties in Beijing and Shanghai this weekend in collaboration with Chinese multi-disciplinary platform dART​.
Alexander Iadarola
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Did You Know that the “Weird Russian Singer” of Internet Fame is Actually an International Superstar?

In Russia he's basically all-four Beatles and David Bowie happening at once.
Angus Harrison
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Chinese Authorities Drug Tested and Detained A Group of American and British Ravers in Shenzhen

Around 50 foreigners are reportedly being held in China after police raided a rave near an Ikea.
Anna Codrea-Rado
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​Is the EDM Scene in China about to Pop Off?

The new frontier of dance music and more from Shanghai's first ever edition of the International Music Summit.
Jemayel Khawaja

NORTHMIX: Honey Dijon

"I'm not one of these DJs who likes to live in the past, I think that’s really fucking boring."
THUMP Canada Staff

How A Bomb Shelter Became Shanghai’s Grittiest Nightclub

Over the last six years the subterranean club has drawn headliners like Cut Chemist, DJ Premier and Kode 9.
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