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Bambii’s Video Mix Reclaims Dancefloors from the Male Gaze

Watch the globetrotting Toronto DJ's powerful 'EUTHANASIA' visual.
Melissa Vincent
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Tona's New Mix Pays Tribute to His Latin Roots and Favourite Olympic Athlete

Hear a half hour of blistering baile funk, dembow, and reggaeton from the Toronto-based DJ and producer.
Max Mertens

Purge Your Emotions with Debby Friday's Fire "LA FÈT" Mix

"I wanted to portray the sense of pressure building and ceremony that comes with change."
Corinne Przybyslawski

I Wore a Music-Activated Vibrator to the Club Instead of Doing Drugs

I had more orgasms than you had last weekend.
Lindsey Leonard
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Fabric to Reopen on January 6

"It will be a cherished moment in our history."
Anna Codrea-Rado
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Police Arrest Verboten's Owner for Allegedly Writing Over $30,000 Worth of Bad Checks

Jen Schiffer was taken into custody in Brooklyn this afternoon.
Anna Codrea-Rado
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Chinese Authorities Drug Tested and Detained A Group of American and British Ravers in Shenzhen

Around 50 foreigners are reportedly being held in China after police raided a rave near an Ikea.
Anna Codrea-Rado
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​Fabric Will Not Have Sniffer Dogs at the Door, Thank God

The iconic London nightclub won its appeal against local authorities, which originally required increased security measures.
Max Pearl
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​This Iconic London Club Banned House Music After Someone Got Stabbed

The neighborhood licensing committee banned The Coronet from hosting "urban/house music" after a 15-man brawl last weekend.
Max Pearl

On DECK: DJ New Jersey Drone

The New York producer's manic, 160 BPM rave excursions are turning him into the face of an emerging strain of totally bonkers, post-apocalyptic club music.
Michelle Lhooq
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Cityfox Is Unveiling an Insane Summer Venue Called The Brooklyn Mirage—Here’s Everything You Need to Know

When life hands you an indoor and outdoor playpen with three stages, a garden of imported palm trees, and Europe's finest tech-house DJs, you make a damn good night out of it.
Michelle Lhooq

Classical Trax Go Fully Global on Exclusive Club Mix

Basketball coaching club community chief by day, DJ Rueckert by night.
Josh Baines