Orphx's First Album in Five Years Was Inspired by Industrial Decay and Uncertainty of the Future

Stream the Canadian techno veterans' new LP 'Pitch Black Mirror' and read an interview with Christina Sealey and Richard Oddie.
Daryl Keating

We Went to “The Other Big Apple” to Experience Canada’s Weirdest Experimental Music Festival

Electric Eclectics is the most fun you can have on a farm without getting your hands dirty.
Matt Bobkin
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Ontario to Open North America's Second Largest Pressing Plant

Precision Record Pressing Inc. is a joint venture between a Canadian music distributor and a Czech vinyl manufacturer.
Alexander Iadarola

I Sent My Girlfriend's Mother to Review a Canadian EDM Festival

Spoiler alert: her recap includes inflatable dolphins, security selfies, and Top 40 DJ slander.
Max Mertens
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WayHome Festival Returns in 2016 with LCD Soundsystem, Major Lazer, and More

The second edition of the Canadian festival comes to Ontario July 22-24.
THUMP Canada Staff
Keys N Krates

How Raves and Religion Inspired Keys N Krates' New Chart-Topping EP

"Midnite Mass" recently hit #1 on Canada's iTunes Dance Chart.
Jesse Ship
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We Talked to the Canadian Bouncer Who Shot the NYE Viral GoPro Video

"If you act like a complete moron when you're in public, someday you might end up in someone's viral video."
Gigen Mammoser
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Neil Young Brings His Extremely Expensive PonoMusic Player to Canada

Time to Pono up the cash.
Adelaide Andrews
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DVBBS Want to Celebrate Legalization by Opening a Toronto Weed Cafe

Don’t woozy, be happy.
Adelaide Andrews
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Deadmau5 Sues Former Label for Millions Over Unauthorized Remixes

The reward, of course, is cheese.
Adelaide Andrews
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All Access: How Accessibility Limits Dance Music's Inclusiveness

If we're excluding a segment of people from accessing nightclubs how can we say we're 100 percent for inclusion?
THUMP Canada Staff

Could Techno Be Used to Treat Parkinson’s?

LIVELab's music research could turn your body into an instrument—and cure diseases along the way.
Daryl Keating