Festival Season!

Ancient Future 2015 Lights Up Montréal’s Old Port With Techno Onslaught

La Bacchanale shines spotlight on Montréal's underground scene with their impressive first edition.
THUMP Canada Staff
Festival Season!

IleSoniq 2015 Leads the Montreal Festival Circuit with a Big Sophomore Year

As other Canadian festivals flounder, IleSoniq is gracefully finding its feet.
Dermot O’Sullivan
Festival Season!

Shambhala 2015 Was a Carnivalesque Gathering of Bass Music’s Best

The infectious high-fives, mandatory group hugs, and all-nighters were all accounted for. Justin Bieber was not.
Hollie McGowan
Festival Season!

VELD Music Festival 2015 Left Toronto Drenched and Disappointed, Cancels Day Two

So much for rain or shine.
THUMP Canada Staff
Festival Season!

Mamby on The Beach: No Frills and Tech House Thrills

Chicago's newest fest debuts as a low key house (music) party in the sand.
David Garber
Festival Season!

Electric Forest 2015: Surprises From Skrillex and Macy Gray (Yes, Really) Made The Dream World Come Alive

The biggest year yet embodied the “Happy Forest” ethos all the way.
David Garber
Festival Season!

AIM Festival 2015: The 32 Hour Music Marathon of Rain, Shine, and Afterhours Vibes

A festival for afterhours cruisers.
Nicholas Yim
Festival Season!

Lightning in a Bottle 2015: A Sold Out Event That Still Hasn't Sold Out

California's Do LaB's army of dusty hippies is having its biggest year ever, leading the way for "Transformative" festivals.
Jemayel Khawaja
Festival Season!

Coachella 2015 Recap: Dance Music's Grip Tightens While the World is Watching

Madonna and Bonobo showed up in the place where dad rock and dance music collide.
Jemayel Khawaja

Warm Up to the Best Mixes from Igloofest 2015

This year's Igloofest had the coldest temperatures on record, but it didn't matter with sets like these.
Jesse Champagne

The Guvernment's Founders Reflect on its History and the Future of Clubbing in Toronto

Guv-tears, Guv-fam, Guv-life, now Guv-withdrawal.
Connie Chan
Festival Season!

True North Strong and Freezing: Igloofest 2015 Did Canada Proud

Mittens and minus-degree weather are just part of the experience.
Rachael D’Amore