Watch An Exclusive Scene From an Upcoming Documentary on Norwegian Dance Music

The Indiegogo-funded film takes a long look at the impact the likes of Prins Thomas, Lindstrom, and Todd Terje have had on club culture.

Apr 26 2016, 12:10pm

UPDATE: A while back we brought you the teaser trailer for Northern Disco Lights: The Rise and Rise of Norwegian Dance Music and we've all been thinking about it ever since, haven't we? At night as our heads hit the pillow our mind races at the prospect of sitting in a comfy chair as we inhale popcorn and enjoy a good documentary about Lindstrom and the rest of the lads. It's wonderful.

Soon, though, our dreams become a reality. Next month sees the film getting a premiere as part of the Doc'n Roll Film Festival which takes place at various London locations between the 2th and 13th of November. To get you in the mood for that, why not watch this exclusive clip below!

Featuring the likes of Todd Terje, Prins Thomas, and Lindstrom, new documentary entitled Northern Disco Lights: The Rise and Rise of Norwegian Dance Music looks like a thoroughly enjoyable overview of a scene that grabbed the world's discos by the mirrorballs and is refusing to let go. If you've stepped foot in any decent club in the last decade or so you can't have failed to notice the impact that the country's had on the listening habits of dancers worldwide. Everyone loves cosmic disco, and there's no one more cosmic than the Norwegians.

The film's just passed it's target on Indiegogo and the team behind it had this to say:

"This film tells the story of how a group of teenagers from a town in the Arctic north of the country called Tromsø decided to kick out the jams! Cut off culturally and geographically they set up a radio station, made synthesizers, threw parties and started to make the music that they wanted to hear. This turned out to be totally unique and original and reflected their environment and themselves. It soon spread to the rest of the country."

You can watch the trailer—which contains cameos from Bill Brewster and the Idjut Boys—below:

Head here for more information on Northern Disco Lights.