Laurel Halo's New Tracks for Honest Jons are Deep, Dubby Delights

Halo's new material comes on like Kode9 jamming with Bisophere in a bathysphere.

Sep 15 2015, 10:55am

H.C Hart

We've been consistently intrigued and entertained by Laurel Halo over the last few years. Now based in Berlin, the Michigan born producer is one of contemporary electronic music's most vital and energising musicians. Her output for the likes of Hippos in Tanks and Hyperdub has been work we've come back to time and time again when we need a disquieting and disturbing post-club experience.

The news that she's releasing new material on London label Honest Jons is cause for celebration. Clearly being a decent sort, she's already letting us listen to the In Situ release right now.

"Nebenwirkungen" is the heavier of the pair, a clanking and clunking churner that brings that comes on like Kode9 jamming with Bisophere in a bathysphere, or Zomby getting baked with a dolphin or a sodden Sun Araw. Or something. "Situation" is a woozy, balmy, deep dub-techno jammer that trudges along the ocean floor, on that Basic Channel meets Drexciya tip. Both are wonderful.

Check out the whole thing in full below.

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